'Colour Talk' meet lauded

NipponPaint and South Pacific Paint ran a successful Colour Talk Decorating with Colour Harmony conference yesterday at the Grand Papua Hotel.

Participants from various businesses and professionals which included property developers, Real Estate Agencies and architects attended.

In a previous statement last week regarding the conference yesterday, Jim Gui, Director for South Pacific Paint had said: "This is a chance for all specialist in the building and decorating industries to explore paint and colour and its limitless uses and possibilities.

"Colour influences our experiences and enhances the architectural form in the  same way that it does with all designs. However, the effects of colour are so powerful that this has become a specialized area, hence colour scheming inow an important factor in determining a beautiful space."

Yesterday, a little less than 100 participants attended to learn and hear presentation from Serene Pang, The Director of Sales and Marketing (Asia Pacific) for Duha Asuka Services.

"The conference is to talk about how to use paint colours more in the architechtural and building industry." Ms Pang said.

"It is all about how colours affect the mood and ambience of space".

"For example, bright yellow colour can represent fatigue and anxiety in most people while the colour blue allow one to relax,"Ms Pang added.

She said with this group there was a satisfactory feedback and participants were very  interactie with asking question and answering questions.


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